Monday, September 08, 2008

More Shenanigans at the Franklin County Board of Elections

In the Dispatch this weekend:

Barbara Carmen reports that the Franklin County BOE had quietly allowed top managers to cash out banked compensatory time to the tune of a couple hundred thousand dollars, something which surprised and distressed the county commission. The article states that Matthew Damschroder, former Director and current Deputy Director said that there were no better options, and notes that the board voted in April to pay Damschroder $22,767 for 437 hours of banked time at time-and-a-half.

Oddly enough, Barbara Carmen does not reference her own article from March of this year:

A deal is in the works to change leaders at the Franklin County Board of Elections, just days before the presidential primary draws scrutiny to Ohio.

The board will meet at 1 p.m. Sunday to swap its director and deputy director and name a new chairman.

The move follows rumors that Director Matthew Damschroder would be booted, both because he is bloodied by battles with Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and because he is a Republican and political control has shifted to Democrats.

William A. Anthony Jr. confirmed Friday that he will step down as chairman of the board, clearing the way for fellow Democrat Dennis L. White to be voted in as director at the board's organizational meeting.

Damschroder, a Republican, will move to deputy director. Doug Preisse, chairman of the Franklin County Republican Party, is expected to be voted in as chairman of the elections board, which he joined just last week.


Damschroder, 32, joined the board of elections in 2003. He said he is now "actively seeking other employment'' and is considering law school.
Of course, that deal didn't work out, and Damschroder was instead given a consultant contract worth $11,250 a month through the "end of the year." All was not lost, however. Three months later, with very little fanfare (media stories about the pick of Michael Stinziano as Director made no mention of it), Damschroder took on the job of Deputy Director that he was denied in March. I'm assuming that that coincided with the end-of-year referred to regarding the consulting contract.

So, the "big shake-up" turned out to be that Damschroder went from being official director to unofficial director with a director's salary to Deputy Director after his employment search apparently became less active. I wonder if it became less active before or after he got a $23K bonus?

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