Monday, September 08, 2008

OH-12 profiled in Dispatch

Despite an atrocious headline (It would still be an accurate summary of the article if the headline began "Despite the Evidence,..."), Catherine Candisky's piece in today's CD is a pretty good summation of the race. When Tiberi says that he "goes his own way," the article points out two independent sources that have him as more conservative and partisan than the average Republican. When he tries to use his SCHIP votes as supporting evidence, the article notes that his support came during later votes (he was initially against the proposed renewal/expansion of SCHIP).

(Blue Bexley endorsed candidate) David Robinson's campaign platform of energy independence, renewed infrastructure, and change for the future is given a fair airing. All in all, I hope that this article gets lots of attention from voters in the 12th just now getting ready to pay attention to politics.

On a side note... It's amazing what an article in the Dispatch about Tiberi looks like when his bff isn't writing it...

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