Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hey Folks, Pick a Side. Now.

I'm not talking about the Prezzie as JK used to refer to it. I'm talking about impeachment of Marc Dann. You can debate the merits over drinks or anonymously here on the 'nets, but publicly, even on background, Dems have to make this decision RIGHT NOW.

Lisa Renee picks up on a few threads, and seems to think that the sweater is starting to unravel. There's plenty more she could have highlighted, but I really hope she's wrong.

See, every Dem with a statewide constituency, Ted, Lee*, Sherrod, Rich, Jennifer, Joyce, Ray, and Chris, they all signed a letter with an unequivocal promise: If Dann does not step down, he will face impeachment.

That means Dann will face impeachment, or every person on that list gets labeled as weak, a buffoon, and/or a flat-out liar. If you plan on helping to inflict that kind of damage on every major public face of the ODP, you'd better do it quickly enough for them to get back on their feet before Labor Day, when the real season begins. Unless total meltdown is actually a goal of some sort.

*I inadvertently left Mr. Fisher off the list when I referred to the letter in an earlier post. My apologies to the Lt. Gov. and thanks to a reader for pointing out my omission.

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Hickmania said...

Good riddance regarding "JK" (Jerid Kurtz). Maybe we can start calling the BS Blog by its original name (Buckeye State Blog). The Ohiosphere and BSB are better because of Jerid's departure.

I never could figure out why Jerid used "baby talk" (such as "prezzie") in his blog posts. I guess it's because he's a juvenile frat boy idiot. I call it like I see it.

I'm just imagining Jerid chasing all those ambulances around so he can muster up some bullshit personal injury law suits. The new job definitely fits Jerid's BS blog basher character.