Saturday, May 10, 2008

Speculating on Supers - Updated

Update - Shortly after I posted this, an AP story containing a conversation with Dave Regan hit the wires, in which he confirmed his support for Obama. Also, as I added in an update to another post, the conversation I report in the next paragraph was the result of a 'misunderstanding.' After I posted this and returned to the convention center, that misunderstanding was clarified somewhat. My new understanding was that the supers were intended to be 'balanced,' by which I inferred 'collectively neutral.' The implication was that Regan was obviously for Obama (as anyone would assume from the info below), meaning that Bashein is most likely leaning toward Clinton. Treat that as totally 'unconfirmed' for now.

I was told that the new supers were neutral, would stay neutral, and when I joked that their primary qualification was the ability to stay neutral? was encouraged in that belief. That may all be true. And in fact, all of the following may simply be a case of mistaken identity. Or correct identity, but meaningless. Nevertheless...

May 10: "Dave Reagan" named as add-on unpledged delegate by Chris Redfern.

May 7: "Dave Regan" steps down as head of SEIU Local 1199 to join the international union as executive vice-president.

Feb 15: SEIU endorses Obama. "Openers" reports:

Dave Regan, president of Columbus-based District 1199 of SEIU, said Obama has the "potential to unite America in a new and unique way" and "transform America and Ohio."

"This is not a decision against Sen. Clinton," Regan said. "We have great respect for her. This is not a signal that we don't greatly appreciate the support she has given us over the years."

FWIW, William Craig Bashein, the other new super, is a labor lawyer and was a big Edwards guy.

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