Friday, May 09, 2008

So much for having their backs...

I agreed with Eric 100% when he wrote this:

Quick note to Bennett and the ORP: THIS is how you deal with a scandalous officeholder in your party. Swift. Decisive. Correct. So don’t get too happy because it’s NOT what your party did when confronted with a Culture of Corruption. Not what you did at all…

Which is why I wrote my post yesterday hoping to stop folks from leaving the entire leadership of the party hanging out to dry.

Well now, who looks like the buffoon? That would be me. From the Dispatch:

"I have no real role in the impeachment process, and I think the letter indicated that Democrats would file an impeachment resolution," Brunner said. "I think that statement was really more on behalf of the legislative folks."

Gov. Ted Strickland said there are grounds for impeachment, but he also kept the door open for not going through the removal process if the evidence doesn't warrant it.

"I've expressed my opinion, but there's a lot of research going on, and if there isn't very credible evidence that something of a serious nature that can be established occurred, then I certainly would not support impeachment," Strickland said.

Despite the letter warning Dann that the House "will immediately introduce a resolution seeking your impeachment" if the attorney general doesn't quit, Strickland said he always thought that an independent investigation would be conducted.

"I think a lot of people when they hear the word impeachment, they assume it is the trial, or the ultimate determination," he said. "As I see impeachment, it is basically an investigation to determine whether or not to refer the matter to the Senate for what would, in effect, be a trial."

A spokeswoman for Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, who also signed the letter, said he stands by it but is referring questions about it to the governor's office.

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, still favors impeachment..

"There should be a move towards removal" if Dann does not resign, Brown said. "We want this fixed in the quickest way possible."

Ohio Senate Minority Leader Ray Miller acknowledged that "it appears we're heading towards an impeachment because the attorney general has been clear that he is not going to resign."

But even though the Columbus Democrat signed the letter, he won't say whether he favors impeachment.

"As a senator, I have to think about the legal process. The Senate becomes the jury in a trial of fact. I don't believe it's proper for me to state a clear position for or against. If you're going to be an unbiased jury, the appropriate posture is to wait until the impeachment resolutions reach the Senate."

Swift - Check. Correct - Check. Decisive - Sigh. Enjoy your weekend.

P.S. Sherrod, that explanation for the torture vote I never really bought? Screw it. Apology accepted. All is forgiven.

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This is only relevant musically, but the video on the plunderbund site was part Willie Nelson cover and part cover of this really good Mountain Goats song.