Saturday, May 10, 2008

More ODP Notes

I recorded 1-2 hours of audio, including a few nice snippets. Unfortunately, I'm unable to post it right now due to technical difficulties. Epth.

Before things got juicy this morning, Redfern announced the Convention-to-Convention Challenge, to recruit and train 10,000 new neighborhood leaders between now and the August Dem Convention, creating the largest statewide network of neighborhood leaders in the country.

During the convention this afternoon, Sherrod Brown came on stage to 70's funk. I was amused. He promised a New Progressive Era beginning in 2009, like the 1910's and 1960's.

Rich Cordray told all local, House, and Senate candidates to study everything Ted Strickland was doing, campaign on the issues Ted is emphasizing, and campaign on the need to give Ted support in these endeavors. I've never heard a coattail strategy made so explicit.

Lee Fisher announces that "Economic Development Begins With A Healthy Pregnant Mother," which sounded a little better in context, but not quite as much as one might hope.

Strickland got loud applause when he talked about the need to "clean our own house" if necessary. He ended with a long, quite funny 'prophecy' concerning the attendees experiences on election day, including flipping "just out of spite... to Fox News" to watch a tear roll down ashen-faced Bill O'Reilly's cheek as he announces that Ohio has gone blue. He was great with the crowd.

And one final note... While Ted was talking, a woman was walking through the area where I was standing, passing out stickers...

Enjoy your weekend.

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Jill said...

Thanks for the notes, Bonobo. Looking forward to the audio. Happy Mother's Day.