Saturday, May 10, 2008

Meeting Notes

The big stories are here and here. In other notes:

Matthew Barrett's replacement will be decided on Tuesday. Redfern states that there are multiple qualified candidates, including elected officials with high name ID, who are interested in running.

Redfern first mentions Barrett and Dann, then pauses to introduce Rich Cordray, then goes back to talking about Barrett and Dann. Hidden message? I'll have audio later.

The Women's Caucus had a concurring opinion inserted in the resolution, which could have been written by Jill. Um, Jill...?

The 5/4 letter from the bigwigs was read in its entirety before the resolution that, among other things, expressed total support for the letter. This seems to be a return to the tough talk on impeachment (although "immediately" is apparently a vaguer term than many realize). In Pho's terms, the letter was a big bet. Still in those terms, I thought it was all-in, which is a big difference in terms of how the hand plays out. I'm starting to think that this same difference in perception exists elsewhere.


Jill said...

Hi Bonobo - I'm not there at the meeting - my daughter read Torah for the first time today at synagogue and we have an event here in town tonight so I'm not there - I sent my regrets to Todd Hoffman.

But I'd be interested in seeing what the caucus developed - could include part of what I wrote but I haven't seen it. Let me know if you get a hold of it or where I can see it.

Are you there? Have a good time! And thanks for blogging it.

Anonymous said...

Ah Jill...

...and Todd Hoffman is such an honorable character for you to send regrets to...

Hoffman has been wallowing in equally low goo as Barrett and Dann. Just your mention of Todd's name gives me the chills.

Regarding Redfern pushing Cordray's name... I seem to remember Redfern and Company pushing for an endorsement of Marc Dann not too long ago, much to the dismay of Chandra and his supporters.

Why should I trust and/or support ANYTHING Redfern promotes? Let him wallow in the low life goo that Hoffman, Dann and Barrett enjoy. I'd rather support raising Chandra into the AG position than moving Cordray over in a parallel way.

Buckie said...

Hoffman is a doof. I met him once.

How did this guy get one of the top communication jobs for the state party? Why would Redfern hire this unprofessional loose-lipped slob?

I agree with anonymous that Chandra is a class act and should be elevated to the position from which Redfern's ODP eliminated Chandra's primary election chances based on an unjustified endorsement process that reeked of patronage, privilege and corruption.

It is not Redfern's right to annoint Dann's predecessor. Why would we take State Treasurer Cordray out of the position for which he was elected? The same thing goes for Lee Fisher or any other person that Redfern and his corrupt cronies want to install at AG to replace the downtrodden Marc Dann.

Jill, you are joke with all of your biased positions. You are a propaganda guru, not an objective writer. Quit trying to convice everyone of your greatness. We all can see and read the reality.

Jill said...

Ah - thanks Bonobo - I see it now -

"WHEREAS, The Ohio Democratic Women's Caucus joins the call for Dann's resignation because it believes that women in the workplace need to be respected, valued, and free from intimidation."