Tuesday, November 04, 2008

All Things Are Possible

Really mixed emotions here at Robinson's election night HQ. Dispatch Media and others have called the race for Tiberi (sad) but looking at the numbers, this seems premature. There are a ton of uncounted paper ballots, ballots which should break pretty heavily for Robinson (hopeful), and before everyone had processed the latest updates in their own race, Barack Obama began his speech acknowledging his victory (excited).

Garland carries a narrow lead.

Congrats to Issue 5 supporters. I told you so.

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Anonymous said...

Roughly 20% of Gahanna precincts have not been accounted for. All of Whitehall has been accounted for, along with appears to be most of Bexley and Columbus. Gahanna makes up 30% of the remaining precincts to be counted. It's entirely possible for McGregor to make up the 1,500 vote difference in Gahanna. I would say this race still remains a tossup.