Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Either Franklin Turnout Blew, or

There are a buttload of outstanding paper/provisional/absentee ballots.

Total Franklin County votes cast 11/04: 533,575
Total Franklin County Votes cast 11/08: 490,035 (as of current unofficial FCBOE results)

UPDATE: According to one well-placed source:

"Franklin County BOE is still processing 100K paper ballots. In addition, we are still awaiting their report on provisional ballots."

If that's accurate, then 15-20% of the Franklin vote has yet to be tallied.


Suzanne said...

In the campus-area precinct where I was "managing" a nonexistent line, about 10 percent of voters had to use provisional ballots, for reasons that remain unclear to me. In Bexley, a friend who was doing election protection told me, there were a high number of provisionals because people brought their absentee ballots to the polls.

If that was happening elsewhere, one might imagine those provisionals might skew D, like the early voters. Just speculating.

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