Tuesday, November 04, 2008

GOTV and the Garland Campaign

Dropped by a non-descript house in Blacklick, because Liz Brown of the Garland campaign is Staging Manager for the coordinated Obama GOTV effort in this ward. They're making their second sweep of all identified voters, with two dozen volunteers working out of this location alone.

I talked to Liz about the state of the Garland campaign. She's confident that Garland will beat McGregor, and boldly predicted that the Ohio House will not only turn blue, but that the Dems will have a 2+ majority.

We talked about the late tenor of the campaign, which has saturated the airwaves with tough ads on both sides. I expressed surprise that Nancy had closed with an ad hitting McGregor on his tax votes. Ms. Brown handled the question well, giving a textbook defense of negative/contrast ads, and following up by making the distinction between non-issue based ad hominem attacks (The GOP's 'Wolves' ads) and issue-based attacks (going after McGregor's votes in the House).

For a race that everyone is marking as a nail-biter, the folks here seem pretty relaxed. It's hard not to share the optimism.

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