Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting Problems

There was a debate going on, with Tim Russo on one side, and most everybody else he brings the subject up with on the other: Should you refuse a provisional ballot?

The answer is no. You should not. But that doesn't mean you should simply accept one either.

First of all, I requested and filled out a paper ballot today. If the line at your polling place is long, you will be offered one automatically. Everyone has the right to request one. These are REGULAR ballots and they will be counted tonight. An added bonus? Your vote can't be flipped on a paper ballot (more on that later).

If your ballot doesn't clearly say "Provisional" then it isn't provisional.

If your correct address is in the pollbook, and your driver's license has your picture on it, you can vote a regular ballot*. Ask for the presiding judge if the pollworker doesn't want to give you a regular ballot. This should not still be happening, but it is still the number one problem at the polls.

This info is all over the nets, but just in case...

Oh - Flipping Votes - rumor has it that some Clintonville machines were flipping Obama votes to... Nader.

*There is one exception to this, though I hesitate to even bring it up. If mail to you from the BOE was returned as undeliverable, you need ID that has your current address on it. A DL with your current address will work, as will a bill or other document. A DL with an old address is not acceptable in this extremely rare situation.

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