Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Parade of Polling Places

I talked to the volunteers pictured on this video. It's supposedly pronounced "Berrick." At least one voter insisted the name changed since last year, but no. In 2006 Ted and Sherrod both got between 75-80% at this precinct. I think our guy will just own this place:

At the Park Trails Clubhouse, they were allocated more than one machine per 100 registered voters (12 machines for 1168 voters). This is a really high machine-to-voter ratio. The reason? Columbus 45-H hast a ballot almost twice as long as mine was in Bexley. I wondered if it was overkill or not enough. Apparently, voting has gone smoothly all day, with lots of activity but minimal lines. It may turn out to be overkill. In case you're wondering, 2006 75% voted for Ted, 87% for Sherrod in Cols 45-H.

At the Canal Winchester Community Center, they have 3 machines for 277 registered voters, and fewer than 70 people typically vote there. By law, each location gets at least three machines, so I walked in and the pollworkers were half asleep. One person was voting. They had a ten minute wait when they opened. Since then, voting has been instantaneous. (Ted took 61% in 2006).

World Harvest Church. I admit it, the place gives me the willies. But it's a major polling location, with 21 machines for 3002 registered voters. I went here because I was curious about Issue 5. The video sucks, but the final shot is of a large "no on 5" placard with two people actively campaigning against the issue.

The video sucks and I'm having connectivity problems. Hopefully mine will be the biggest technical difficulties today. I'm still hearing that after four years of pounding, including one year of aggressive action that finally convinced the Franklin County BOE to make the rules explicit on their webpage and in the "notice of election," pollworkers are still unclear on how to handle ID. I've seen the flowcharts and quick reference guides put out by Brunner. I've always maintained that the training was at fault, not the workers at the polls. I'm not so sure, this time. Anybody who went through the training this year is encouraged to comment.

Line lengths are down all over. Go vote.

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