Tuesday, November 04, 2008

From Somewhere in the Renaissance Hotel

So, the ODP promised wireless access. They couldn't deliver. They did give me a nice media badge, which helped me get back into the hotel after the fire marshall had shut it down. The second floor ballroom, which erupted like a volcano when Ohio was called for Obama, was barricaded by police from the first floor, and the first floor was barricaded from the street.

I've been cut off from the internet since my last post, so I hope nothing else exciting has happened...

In the meantime, I dropped in on Robinson's Campaign HQ, where Nick Barnes, the volunteer coordinator was holding down the fort while everyone else was out looking for a few more votes. That encounter led me to my current location in the Robinson election night HQ, where I finally managed to get online (BTW, a special shout out to Progress Ohio, who provided me with a table and a wireless connection earlier during the parade of polling places.)

Right now, I'm excited about Obama. I'm not a robot. But only one of the three things I want to know has been called - Obama won Ohio (and the shouts I'm hearing right now tell me that the networks have called the whole thing for Barack), but the Robinson race is too early too call, and the Ohio House is trending toward our majority, but...

I'm a numbers guy. I'll write more when I've processed more.

And once again, sorry about the videos earlier. The early reviews all contain the word "nostril."

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